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      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

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      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


Water plant solutions

Tap water production and distribution facilities are one of the most basic facilities in the city. Tap water products are the most important means of production and necessities that can not be replaced by social production and people's life. Once the tap water company is invaded by lawless elements and carries out illegal acts such as poisoning。




    Tap water production and distribution facilities are one of the most basic facilities in the city. Tap water products are the most important means of production and necessities that can not be replaced by social production and people's life. Once the tap water company is invaded by lawless elements and carries out illegal acts such as poisoning, it will cause huge losses to the government and people. Then establish a set of perfect perimeter protection system Unification is particularly important.

    Xingrun water company has a wide area and scattered buildings. The location of the plant area is also relatively remote. At present, the alarm equipment in operation is relatively old, aging and backward in function. It is easy to lack of internal and external security technology, which can't be found in time after being invaded, resulting in huge losses.

    According to the above situation, a complete set of vibration optical cable solution is designed to solve the protection work for the company, water plant and water source. Combined with the guardrail laid above the existing peripheral fence, the fixed vibration optical cable bound on the guardrail, and the alarm platform system to determine whether someone intrudes into the prevention area.

    According to the requirements of the water plant, equipment upgrading and transformation are carried out. The topological diagram of the water plant's defense area is as follows:

    Topology of water plant 1

    Topology of water plant 2

    When a perimeter protection system has more defense areas, or there are video monitoring devices (such as cameras, DVR / NVR) in the system, it is necessary to consider how to integrate the system and other types of perimeter protection systems into a whole.

    In this case, the Ethernet interface of rf960 can be connected through local area network (LAN), the connection with PC can be established, and the management software can be installed on PC. Collect the alarm events of each defense area, output them to the RS232 or RS485 interface of the PC, then use the external serial port to the switch value converter to convert the serial communication protocol into the switch value, finally connect the switch value to DVR / NVR, and realize the linkage with the camera. The linkage mentioned here can be to switch the relevant video picture of the intrusion event to the prominent position, or to drive the PTZ camera to the appropriate preset position immediately after the event to observe the event scene.

    In addition, the management software also supports SMS module to send the alarm of the defense zone to the designated mobile phone through SMS.


    Use network management software to manage multiple defense areas and realize linkage with cameras

    Rfview software management

    Support up to 256 zones

    Graphic alarm display of defense area

    Algorithm parameter configuration

    Waveform display and recording

    Alarm history

    Privilege classification

    Supports server and client installation versions

    • The server version can configure devices and view alarms
    • The client version can only view the configuration and alarms
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