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      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


Photovoltaic power plant solutions

According to the site conditions, the perimeter is 5000 meters long, and 50 defense zones are divided in total. Four rf960 devices are needed, each of which is about 100 meters. 31 defense areas are set in plant area I and 19 defense areas are set in plant area II. All outdoor devices do not need power supply. Four rf960 output switching values to NVR to complete video linkage.




    According to the site conditions, the perimeter is 5000 meters long, and 50 defense zones are divided in total. Four rf960 devices are needed, each of which is about 100 meters. 31 defense areas are set in plant area I and 19 defense areas are set in plant area II. All outdoor devices do not need power supply. Four rf960 output switching values to NVR to complete video linkage. Access control system output switching values to intrusion detection host. Rfview is used to manage linkage. When there is intrusion, network management software will report the alarm of the defense area on the plant area map , and call the associated camera screen. The optical cable is divided into guiding optical cable and sensing optical cable. The guiding optical cable is 24 core single-mode light armored optical cable, and the sensing optical cable is 4 core single-mode light armored optical cable.

    The site topology of the plant is as follows:


    The optical cable topology is as follows:


    According to the site conditions, the site is the protection mode of wire mesh and rolling mesh, and the sensor optical cable is laid in a double straight line way, which can detect the invasion modes such as climbing, crossing, net cutting, ladder assisted crossing, etc. By laying multi-channel vibration sensing optical cable horizontally, the sensing area of the fence can be increased, so as to effectively detect weak intrusion signals. This method is suitable for places with higher alert level. The vibration sensing optical cable is laid along the top of the fence, and when it reaches the end of the defense area, it is laid in the opposite direction.

    For field binding of optical cable, it is required to fix it with metal binding wire every 25 cm to ensure that the optical cable is fastened on the fence. The head and tail of the optical cable shall be reserved with a margin of 3-5M for later maintenance.


    When a perimeter protection system has more defense areas, or there are video monitoring devices (such as cameras, DVR / NVR) in the system, it is necessary to consider how to integrate the system and other types of perimeter protection systems into a whole.

    Connect the rf960 switch output to DVR / NVR to realize the linkage with the camera. The linkage mentioned here can be to switch the relevant video picture of the intrusion event to the prominent position, or to drive the PTZ camera to the appropriate preset position immediately after the event to observe the event scene.

    The central machine room alarm linkage topology is as follows:



    Central machine room equipment configuration diagram related to vibration optical cable


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