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      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
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Quad-Gigabit Ethernet and 16 E1s to optical fiber multiplexer (RP103)

RP103 is a quad-Gigabit Ethernet to optical fiber multiplexer with 4/8/16 E1 interfaces, 4 gigabit Ethernet interfaces and dual 2.5Gb/s optical interfaces, which can realize up to 16 E1s and 4 independent wire-speed gigabit Ethernet channels* transmission over optical line.
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    RP103 is a quad-Gigabit Ethernet to optical fiber multiplexer with 4/8/16 E1 interfaces, 4 gigabit Ethernet interfaces and dual 2.5Gb/s optical interfaces, which can realize up to 16 E1s and 4 independent wire-speed gigabit Ethernet channels* transmission over optical line.

    RP103 supports point-to-point, point-to-dual-point, chain and ring topology. With low power consumption, high integration and well stability, it is a cost-competitive solution for the application where gigabit Ethernet and E1 are required simultaneously, such as the telecommunication, the electric power and the finance fields.

    *Note RP103 provides 4 gigabit Ethernet interfaces and 4 independent wire-speed gigabit Ethernet channels, in point-to-point without protection and point-to-dual point(P2DP) mode, the 4 gigabit Ethernet interfaces share 4000Mb/s Ethernet transmission bandwidth, while in chain and ring topology, they share 2000Mb/s Ethernet bandwidth.




    • Compact design with 1U height, and can be installed on standard rack
    • Four independent wire-speed gigabit Ethernet channels
    • Optical interface
    • Dual optical interfaces, LC type SFP module, hot-pluggable.
    • The line bit rate is 2.5Gb/s, transmission distance is optional (depends on SFP module).
    • SFP MSA (INF-8074i), ITU-T G.695, FC-PI V2.0 standards.
    • Supports 1+1 optical protection and Automatic Protect Switch (APS) with the recovering time of less than 50ms.
    • Supports ALS and Remote Power down Detect (RPD) function.
    • E1 interface
    • Provides 4/8/16 E1 interfaces, compliant to G.703, and balanced/unbalanced selectable.
    • Jitter tolerance and jitter generation fully comply with ITU-T G.823 recommendations.
    • Local/remote loop-back function supported.
    • Supports device loop and E1 line loop controlled by the local side for easy testing.
    • Supports embedded E1 BERT function.
    • Ethernet interface
    • 4 copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces compliant with IEEE802.3 serial standard.
    • Adopts RJ45 connector, support auto-negotiation, which can work in 1000M full-duplex, 100M full/half-duplex, 10M full/half-duplex mode.
    • Patent technique adopted for Ethernet loop detection.
    • Supports unicast, multicast and broadcast frame.
    • Accepts frames with length between 64 and 1518/2000/9720 bytes.
    • Supports 802.3x flow control and back pressure flow control
    • Supports broadcast storm filtering control.
    • 4K MAC address table, with 1s~ 300s ageing time configurable, the default is 300s.
    • Supports MAC address dynamic learning function.
    • Supports port rate control function.
    • Supports port-based VLAN, IEEE802.1Q tag-based VLAN and QinQ (Double Tag VLAN)
    • Provides performance statistic for each Ethernet interface
    •  Supports link aggregation
    •  Supports QoS function
    •  Supports DoS Attack Prevention.
    •  Supports automatic topology detection (ATD) function
    • Network management interface
    • Supports CLI based on RS232 (CONSOLE) management interface.
    • Supports CLI based on Ethernet (EMU) management interface (TELNET).
    • Supports Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP, V1 and V2C).
    • Implements the device alarm and status monitor, port loop configuration, etc.
    • Supports one RS232 user channel in point-to-point mode
    • Perfect alarm indication and performance statistic
    • Redundant power supply, the power consumption is less than 12W
    • -48V DC single power access.
    • -48V DC double power access.
    • 220V AC single power access.
    • 220V AC double power access.
    • -48V DC&220V AC double power access.


    Typical Application



    Figure 1 Point-to-Point Application



    Figure 2 Chain Application



    Figure 3 Point-to-Dual-Point Application



    Figure 4 Ring Application



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