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      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
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      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


Multi-port Eos Mapper (RC6400)

RC6400 is a highly integrated EOS device that provides for mapping of 4 Ethernet ports into SDH transport payloads. Complying with ITU-T standards, RC6400 adopts GFP-F encapsulation, low-order virtual concatenation (VCAT) and link capacity adjust scheme (LCAS). The device can communicate with products from other manufactures adopting the same standards.
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    RC6400 is a highly integrated EOS device that provides for mapping of 4 Ethernet ports into SDH transport payloads. Complying with ITU-T standards, RC6400 adopts GFP-F encapsulation, low-order virtual concatenation (VCAT) and link capacity adjust scheme (LCAS). The device can communicate with products from other manufactures adopting the same standards.


    • Supports 4 RMII/ 4 SMII/ 1 MII Ethernet ports
    •  Encapsulated Ethernet data maps to 63 VC-12s
    •  GFP-F/ VCAT/ LCAS processing complies with ITU-T standards
    •  Ethernet Interface
    •  4 RMII/ 4 SMII/ 1 MII Ethernet ports
    •  10M/100M, Full-Duplex
    •  Configurable PAUSE flow control
    •  Maximum frame size of 2036 bytes
    •  Line side Ethernet data loop-back alarm indication
    •  Local side loop-back control, for board diagnosis
    •  Encapsulation/Decapsulation
    •  GFP-F encapsulation, ITU-T G.7041
    •  Auto-adaptive PTI/PFI/EXI for decapsulation
    •  GFP Management Frame with 64-byte payload
    •  Supports CSF frames, with user-defined UPI
    • Virtual Concatenation
    • Low-order Virtual Concatenation and Link Capacity Adjustment Scheme (compliant with ITU-T G.7042)
    •  4 VCG groups, up to 63 VC-12s per group
    •  Hitless dynamic bandwidth adjustment (by MP)
    •  Automatic removal and recovery of VC-12s in the case of urgent alarms
    •  112ms of differential delay tolerable
    •  Low-order SDH Processing
    •  Dual 38.88MHz telecom-bus, 4-bit mode
    •  126 TU-12 pointer & VC-12 overhead processing
    •  Supports TU-12/VC-12 1+1 protection switching
    •  Provides N2/J2 overhead
    •  All 63 VC-12s can be looped back to local side
    •  A certain VC-12 can be looped back to lineside
    •  SDRAM Interface
    •  External 4M×16bit (64Mb) SDRAM
    •  100MHz working clock, provided by RC6400
    •  512K bytes of data buffer for each Ethernet port
    •  Built-in SDRAM tester, for board diagnosis
    •  Management statistics and alarm reports
    •  Non-multiplexed Intel processor interface
    •  LQFP 176 lead-free package
    •  3.3V/1.8V power supply
    •  Less than 1W of power consumption

    Functional Block Diagram



    Figure 1 Functional Block Diagram





    Figure 2 Application


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