• HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


Gigabit Ethernet & 16-E1 ADM Multiplexer (RC7020)

Targeted at ADM applications, the RC7020 multiplexes a Gigabit Ethernet line with 88 E1 lines over a 1.25Gb/s optical fiber. The RC7020 provides dual 1.25Gb/s optical ports and dual GMII interfaces for interfacing to external switches. E1 and Ethernet traffic are protected with rapid protection switching in a ring network topology when a fault occurs. The RC7020 incorporates an HDLC controller ...
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    Targeted at ADM applications, the RC7020 multiplexes a Gigabit Ethernet line with 88 E1 lines over a 1.25Gb/s optical fiber. The RC7020 provides dual 1.25Gb/s optical ports and dual GMII interfaces for interfacing to external switches. E1 and Ethernet traffic are protected with rapid protection switching in a ring network topology when a fault occurs. The RC7020 incorporates an HDLC controller for communications among network elements, and two E1 user-channels for auxiliary functions.


    • Provides LA / LB Optical Line Interfaces
    •  With Raycom’s unique E2RING technique, the RC7020 multiplexes GE and 88 E1 lines over a 1.25Gb/s optical fiber with wire speed transmission of 1000Mb/s
    •  SFP modules can be directly interfaced to the RC7020 1.25Gb/s LVDS ports with no glue logic required
    •  Supports line loop-back towards the equipment side for testing
    •  Provides EXIST, NOP, LOF, LOM, RDI, EXC alarms
    •  Supports performance monitoring
    •  Supports ALS (Automatic Laser Shutdown) and RPD (Remote Power-down Detection) functionality
    •  I2C interface for SFP control
    •  GMIIC/GMIID Ethernet Interface
    •  Provides two GMII interfaces for connection to external switches
    •  Multiplexes two 1000Mb/s Ethernet ports to optical ports (LA & LB) independently
    •  ELB(Ethernet Loop-back Block) function stops Ethernet traffic when a line loop-back occurs
    •  Complies with IEEE802.3-2000
    •  E1 Traffic Interface
    •  Complies with G.703, G.742, and G.823
    •  HDB3 or NRZ is selectable
    •  Single chip provides 16 E1 ports
    •  Five cascaded chips support 88 E1 ports
    •  Each E1 can be configured in pass-through mode
    • for transferring between LA and LB
    •  Each E1 interface can be assigned to any timeslot of LA or LB
    •  Supports P2P, P2DP, Chain, and Ring Topologies
    •  Self-Healing
    •  Supports E1 fast protection for P2P and Ring
    •  Supports Ethernet fast protection for P2P and
    • Ring
    •  Supports protection for HDLC, ATD (Automatic
    • Topology Discovery) channels
    •  SPI Interface
    •  Supports SPI ‘slave’ mode, up to 20MHz
    •  Supports R / W for single-byte and byte-streams
    •  Interruption
    •  Provides interruption for HDLC data RX / TX
    •  Provides MAC address-table refresh interruption
    •  Supports interrupt mask
    •  Network Management
    •  Built-in HDLC controller for remote
    • communication
    •  Supports the ATD function
    •  Provides built-in E1 BERT
    •  XE1 OH Interface
    • Provides two additional E1 user-channels. HDB3
    • or NRZ encoding are selectable
    •  Configurable as a UART channel for
    • asynchronous communication among network
    • elements
    •  Other Characteristics
    •  2.5V/1.2V power supplies
    •  PBGA320 package
    •  Maximum power consumption:Less than 1W

    Functional Block Diagram


    Figure  Functional Block Diagram


    • GE+16/88E1 ADM Application


    Figure 1 GE+16/88E1 ADM Application

    •  Topology Capabilities


    Figure 2 Topology Capabilities


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