• HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

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      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


Multi-Service Converter (RC7235A2)

The RC7235A2 is the updated revision of RC7235, and can be applied to E1 fiber modem, multi-service fiber modem, multi-service E1 converter or multi-service ST-BUS converter. The RC7235A2 has V.35/FE1/STDW-BUS/HDLC interface on user port and optical/E1/ST-BUS interface on line port. The STDW-BUS interface can realize data and voice complex access. The RC7235A2 provides two configuration modes...
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    The RC7235A2 is the updated revision of RC7235, and can be applied to E1 fiber modem, multi-service fiber modem, multi-service E1 converter or multi-service ST-BUS converter. The RC7235A2 has V.35/FE1/STDW-BUS/HDLC interface on user port and optical/E1/ST-BUS interface on line port. The STDW-BUS interface can realize data and voice complex access. The RC7235A2 provides two configuration modes (MP and PS-BUS), one built-in BERT unit, and enhances the capacity of network management. The RC7235A has tiny size and very low power consumption. It is very suitable for developing kinds of desktop terminals.


    • Optical, E1 or ST-BUS interface on line port; V.35, FE1, HDLC and STDW-BUS interfaces on user port
    •  Optical bit rate is 4.096Mb/s, LVDS or LVTTL interface, built-in CRU, RPD* function
    •  E1 or FE1 transmission, framer and deframer in both E1A* and E1B*, meeting ITU-T G.703, G.704, G.706 and G.823
    •  FE1 supports CRC/non-CRC mode, CRC can be adaptive by automatic or manual
    •  FE1 supports PCM31 and PCM30 whose TS16 for signaling transmission
    •  STDW-BUS interface supports data and voice complex access
    • Ethernet transmission when HDLC interface connected to RC7222*
    •  ST-BUS interface for FE1 and V.35 complex access
    •  Time slot can be configured successively or dispersedly for V.35, FE1, HDLC and STDW-BUS interfaces
    •  V.35 interface in DTE or DCE mode, automatic or manual adaptive TX clock phase and manual adaptive RX clock phase
    •  Configurable timing modes, including local timing, optical, E1A, E1B, V.35 interface timing, bidirectional asynchronous timing and external synchronous timing
    •  Built-in DCO, external VCO is unnecessary when V.35 interface timing
    •  MP for configuration and status display, PS-BUS for configuration
    •  Built-in BERT unit for line self-testing
    •  Monitoring all interfaces’ status from local or remote terminals
    •  TQ100 package, 5V/3.3V I/O voltage, 3.3V power supply

    Functional Block Diagram


    Figure  Functional Block Diagram



    • Multi-service Fiber Modem or E1 Converter


    Figure 1 Application I


    • Multi-service ST-BUS Converter



    Figure 2 Application II


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