• HIFI Audio Optical Transceiver

        ● RV6X4-2A         2-ch unidirectional HIFI
        ● RV6X4-4A         4-ch unidirectional HIFI
        ● RV6X4-4A-1U    4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U
        ● RV6X4-8A         8-ch unidirectional HIFI
        ● RV6X4-2A-2BA   2-ch bidirectional HIFI
        ● RV6X4-4A-4BA   4-ch bidirectional HIFI

        ● Compact design with 1U height
        ● XLR interface for Audio
        ● SNR is better than 92dB
        ● 192K sampling frequency
        ● 24 bit quantized accuracy
        ● Provides AC110~220V dual power redundancy

      • SDI Converter

        ● 75ΩBNC connector for SDI input and looping out
        ● VGA output interface
        ● Two unbalanced RCA audio output with 600Ω impendence...

        ● Features 1 VGA input, 2 audio inputs and 1 SDI output
        ● Supports asymmetrical conversion for any format
        ● The input and output video format can be shown on the screen...

        75Ω BNC connector for SDI input and looping out

        ● HDMI output interface

        ● Two unbalanced RCA audio output with 600Ω impendence...

      • SDI Distribution Amplifier

      • 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

        ● 19 inch and 4U height
        ● 16 traffic card slots and 1 management card slot
        ● 3 fans embedded
        ● Dual power supplies for power redundant protection
        ● Provides one RS232 management interface(CONSOLE) used for CLI management...

      • HD-SDI Surge Protector

        and Pattern Generator

        ● Multi-level protection, low residual voltage
        ● Short response time   
        ● Large thermal capability and low limiting voltage
        ● Stable performance and long service life...

        ● Comply with SMPTE-424M 3G-SDI, SMPTE-292M HD-SDI and SMPTE-259M SD-SDI standard
        ● Support 1080P@59.94/29.97, 1080I@59.94, 720P@59.94, 525I@59.95 format of NTSC...

      • Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System

      • Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System Solution

      • Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System Classic Case Series

      • Fiber Optic Intrusion Detection System Video Introduction

      • CHIP

      • Multi-Service Access Platform

        3U height, 19 Inch width standard, 9 card slots.

        Up to 2 GE optical ports and 2 GE electrical ports

        Aggregate the 1000M Ethernet traffic from up to 3 downlink cards...

        ● 7U height, 19 Inch width standard, 16 card slots.

        ● Up to 4 GE optical ports and 4 GE electrical ports.

        ● Each card can aggregate the 1000M Ethernet traffic from up to 8 downlink cards...

      • Converter

      • Compact SDH

      • Compact PDH

      • Channelized Industrial Ethernet switch

        Optical interface
        ● Two optical interfaces; SFP optical module (LC interface); Hot plugging...
        Ethernet interface
        ● RP105SA:One fiber and two copper Gigabit Ethernet interfaces
        ● RP106: Four fast Ethernet interfaces...


Monolithic SDH ADM Multiplexe (RC7880A1)

RC7880A1 is a monolithic SDH Add/Drop multiplexer which multiplexes 24 E1s to dual STM-1 optical line interfaces. With a few external components, the STM-1 ADM equipment can be realized. RC7880A1 can be used as a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), an Add-Drop-Multiplexer (ADM) or Multi-Service Access platform equipment (MSAP) to build various transmission networks.

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    RC7880A1 is a monolithic SDH Add/Drop multiplexer which multiplexes 24 E1s to dual STM-1 optical line interfaces. With a few external components, the STM-1 ADM equipment can be realized. RC7880A1 can be used as a Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), an Add-Drop-Multiplexer (ADM) or Multi-Service Access platform equipment (MSAP) to build various transmission networks.

    RC7880A1 complies with ITU-T G.707/ G.781/ G.783/ G.813/ G.703/ G.704/ G.664 series recommendations. It adopts RPD and AIS+ patented technology developed by RAYCOM Technology.


    •  Realize STM-1 ADM optical transmission system on monolithic chip
    •  Supports dual STM-1 line interfaces for ADM/TM application.
    •  24 E1 asynchronous mapping/de-mapping.
    •  External synchronous equipment clock interface.
    •  Overhead interface and EOW unit.
    •  TU-12/TU-3 space division cross-connect.
    •  Supports 64Kb/s based overhead cross-connect.
    •  Dual Simplified Telecom-bus interfaces for E1/E3/Ethernet service extension
    •  Supports hardware based SNC/I and SNC/N protection.
    •  Supports dual G.704 E1 framers achieving XE1 interfaces that carry selected SOH overhead bytes (such as D1~D12/E1/E2/F1) and can be directly mapped into STM-1 optical ports as amanagement tunnel passing through the existing SDH networks.
    •  Embedded E1 BERT, with PRBS generato/detector for offline testing, and G.704 CRC-4 detector for online testing.
    •  LOHP Unit
    •  Dual units for STM-1 line overhead process.
    •  Optical A/B interfaces can be set as TU-12 or TU-3 or VC-4 structure independently.
    •  Built-in 155.52Mb/s CDR, provide LVDS TX&RX interfaces.
    •  AU-4 pointer process.
    •  RSOH/MSOH/VC-4POH overhead process.
    •  Monitors OOF, LOF, LOM, MS-AIS, AU-LOP, AU-AIS.
    •  Monitors bit or block errors of B1, B2, B3, M1, G1 overhead.
    •  Supports J0(1/16Bytes), J1(16Bytes) trace identifier.
    •  Supports Automatic Laser Shutdown (ALS).
    •  Supports Remote Power down Detect (RPD).
    •  Supports outward and inward loop back of line signal at the point of 155M input/output ports.
    •  Needs a 19.44MHz±20ppm reference clock for CDR.
    •  MAPPING Unit
    •  Supports 24 E1 mapping /de-mapping asynchronously to/from internal Telecom-bus.
    •  Supports STB_G/STB_H dual simplified Telecom buses.
    •  Supports both path protection and non-protection configuration, and sectional E1 connection is possible when non-protection selected.
    •  Processes TU-12 pointer, TU12- LOP and TU12-AIS alarm are monitored.
    •  Processes V5, J2 (16 bytes), N2, K4 overhead.
    •  Processes BIP-2, REI and RDI of V5 byte overhead.
    •  Provides a 32 bits (4-byte register) low bit rate communication tunnel for each E1 using the O-BIT (or N2 byte) overhead.
    •  The time slots of STB-G bus and STB-H bus within the range from #0 to #62 can be flexibly assigned to each E1.
    •  Hardware based protection facility achieves recovering time less than 50ms.
    •  Protection switch can be triggered by alarm of TU-12 pointer and VC-12 channel depending on the configuration.
    •  Supports both HDB3 and NRZ code type. Built-in E1 clock and data recovery allows simplified LIU employed.
    •  Supports HDB3 code violation (CV) detection, one clear-after-read CV detection register for each E1.
    •  Supports E1 inward and outward loop back (and AIS is optionally inserted into downstream when E1 loop back is enabled).
    •  Support AIS+, a special coded AIS signal.
    •  STBI Unit
    •  Dual 38.88MHz simplified telecom bus interfaces for E1/E3/Ethernet service extension.
    •  Supports TU-12/TU-3 format with fixed multi-frame alignment
    •  TUPP Unit
    •  For at most 126 TU-12s or at most 6 TU-3s structure
    •  Support mixed-structure of TU-12 and TU-3
    •  Monitor TU12-LOP, TU12-AIS, TU3-LOP and TU3-AIS alarm
    •  TU-DXC Unit
    •  252X252 TU-12 space division switching matrix
    •  12X12 TU-3 space division switching matrix
    •  Supports two kinds of connection modes: add/drop and passing through.
    •  Monitors TU-12/TU-3 pointer status for SNC/I protection
    •  Supports TU-12/TU-3/VC-4 signal loop back toward to optical ports.
    •  SEC unit
    •  Achieves good quality of Synchronous Equipment Clock(SEC) making use of internal DPLL and external VCXO with output frequency of 155.52MHz, 38.88MHz, 8.192MHz and 2.048MHz.
    •  Connects external VCXO with the LVDS interface.
    •  Needs a high accurate 65.537MHz oscillator that determines the quality of SEC in free running mode.
    •  The default bandwidth of the DPLL is 9Hz.
    •  The timing sources can be four T1, one T2 or two T3 references.
    •  T2 reference can be selected from any of 24 E1 input signals.
    •  T3 reference can be 2.048MHz or 2.048Mb/s.
    •  T4 reference outputs can be 2.048MHz or 2.048Mb/s.
    •  Supports SSM for T1, T2, T3 and T4 references.
    •  Supports three working modes: tracing, hold over and free running.
    •  Complies with ITU-T G.783 and ITU-T G.813 recommendation
    •  OHI Unit
    •  Provides two 192Kb/s (576Kb/s) DCC interfaces for connecting external HDLC controller.
    •  Provides F1 or F2 overhead channels by asynchronous sampling clock at 64 KHz.
    •  Integrates two E1 interfaces (XE1) carrying E1/E2/F1/D1-D12 overhead bytes to support E1 based network management extension.
    •  Supports 8.192 Mb/s overhead bus SO8M, for overhead connection among several chips within one equipment
    •  OH-DXC Unit
    •  Supports 64Kb/s based 256×256 non-blocking cross-connects to enable E1/E2/F1/F2/F3/D1~D12 overhead bytes to be switched among the two STM-1 interfaces and other OHI interfaces.
    •  EOW Unit
    •  Utilizes a 2.048Mb/s PCM-bus to directly connect to a CODEC device (A-law PCM coding).
    •  Needs an external DTMF detector.
    •  The address oriented engineering order wire is realized based on the private signaling system and the hardware switching facility. Do not need software intervention.
    •  Supports Dial-up service
    •  E1 or E2 overhead bytes can be selectable.
    •  Provides four tone generators: dialing, ringing back and busy and howling.
    •  GSIO Unit
    •  GSIO consists of 2.048MHz clock, 8000Hz frame alignment signal, serial data input and serial data output.
    •  GSIO is directly connected to external 74LS165 / 74LS595 devices.
    •  Maximum capability is 32 bits for input and output respectively.
    •  BERT Unit
    •  Achieves built-in E1 bit Error Tester
    •  Built-in a 2.048Mb/s, 2E15-1 pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) generator and detector.
    •  Built-in a G.704 de-framing unit for online CRC-4 monitoring
    •  Supports single bit error insertion.
    •  Provides E1-AIS/E1-LOS/E1-LOF alarm.
    •  Provides CRC-4/PBRS15/CV bit error counters
    •  MPI Unit
    •  Intel compatible 8 bits non-multiplexed processor interface.
    •  Interrupt signal is not provided.
    •  Provides register writing protection lock.
    •  Technology Process
    •  All input buffers are 5V compatible except for MP data bus and LVDS inputs.
    •  3.3V , 2.5V and 1.5V power supply
    •  Maximum power consumption is less than 1.0W.
    •  LQFP256 lead-free package with 0.4mm pitch of pins.

    Functional Block Diagram


    Figure  RC7880A1 Block Diagram



    • SDH ADM/TM Multiplexer
    • SDH Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)
    •  MSAP Multi-service Access Platform Equipment


    Figure 1 RC7880A1 ADM Application



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