HD-SDI Surge Protector(RV705)

The RV705 is a reliable HD-SDI surge protector compliant to IEC surge protection standard, which is used to prevent damage to equipment from lightning, induced over-voltage and other transient voltage surge, make sure the indoor and outdoor sensitive equipment can work normally at all times, RV705 is ideal for coaxial data, video...
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    The RV705 is a reliable HD-SDI surge protector compliant to IEC surge protection standard, which is used to prevent damage to equipment from lightning, induced over-voltage and other transient voltage surge, make sure the indoor and outdoor sensitive equipment can work normally at all times, RV705 is ideal for coaxial data, video, Ethernet data protection of all the monitoring and communication devices.


    • Multi-level protection, low residual voltage
    • Short response time   
    • Large thermal capability and low limiting voltage
    • Stable performance and long service life
    • Less insertion loss, no effect on the transmission distance of the cable 
    • Application
    • 防雷器

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