• HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


SDI To HDMI/DVI Converter(RV700)

The RV700 is a SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to HDMI and audio converter, achieves conversion from SDI digital video and up to 8 embedded audio channels to HDMI without signal damage and delay, and separate and output two embedded digital audio signals from SDI signal for external speakers. The RV700 achieves excellent video and audio quality with low power consumption.
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    The RV700 is a SD-SDI/HD-SDI/3G-SDI to HDMI and audio converter, achieves conversion from SDI digital video and up to 8 embedded audio channels to HDMI without signal damage and delay, and separate and output two embedded digital audio signals from SDI signal for external speakers. The RV700 achieves excellent video and audio quality with low power consumption.




    • 75Ω BNC connector for SDI input and looping out

    • HDMI output interface

    • Two unbalanced RCA audio output with 600Ω impendence

    • Integrated cable equalizer, reclocker and cable driver

    • Typical cable transmission distance: 300m for SD-SDI, 140m for HD-SDI and 100m for 3G-HDI

    • Power indicator and SDI lock indicator for real-time monitoring

    • Embedded ESD and surge protection circuit to prevent damage from static and thunder

    • +5V DC power input( both 5W and 10W power supply are ok)

    • The power consumption of equipment is below 3W

    • Compact design with 104mm length, 88mm width and 28mm height

    • Working temperature:-40~+60

    • Working humidity: ≤95, no condensation




    • TV live broadcast

    • High-definition video conference and monitoring

    • Industrial monitoring and real-time distance multimedia interactive teaching system

    • Intelligent transportation system(ITS) and public security system




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