• HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


8-ch unidirectional HIFI optaicl transceiver XLR connector(RV6X3)

The RV6X3 is the HIFI audio optical transceiver with professional 3-PIN XLR interface, performs 8-ch high-quality and loss-free HIFI audio transmission over an optical line. At the transmitting side, the input audio signals are converted to digital signals, and after digital multiplexing, converted to optical signals for transmission; at the receiving side。
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    The RV6X3 is the HIFI audio optical transceiver with professional 3-PIN XLR interface, performs 8-ch high-quality and loss-free HIFI audio transmission over an optical line. At the transmitting side, the input audio signals are converted to digital signals, and after digital multiplexing, converted to optical signals for transmission; at the receiving side, the photoelectric conversion is completed, and after demultiplexing, output analog signal .

    The RV6X3 includes an optical transmitter and an receiver, which can be widely used in audio transmission, television live broadcast, live concerts, high-definition video conferencing, film studios and other fields.




    • Compact design with 1U height, 19 inch, which can be installed on standard rack
    • Optical interface
    • The optical transmitter provides optical output and the receiver achieve optical receiving
    • Supports optical signal connected indication
    • Supports optical signal loss alarm
    • Supports bit error indication on optical line
    • With APC circuit to perform stable optical power
    • XLR interface for Audio
    • Adopts XLR connector, both input and output are balanced audio
    • The optical transmitter provides 8-ch audio input, and the receiver provides 8-ch audio output
    • End to end voltage gain is less than 2dB
    • 192K sampling frequency, 24 bit quantized accuracy
    • Provides channel work status indication
    • SNR is better than 92dB
    • THDTotal Harmonic Distortion<0.1%
    • Provides AC110~220V dual power redundancy





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