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      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
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      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector


2/4/8-Channel HIFI Audio Optical Transceiver(RV6X4)

RV6X4 is the HIFI audio optical transceiver performing 2/4/8-ch high-quality and loss-free HIFI audio transmission over an optical line.
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    RV6X4 is the HIFI audio optical transceiver performing 2/4/8-ch high-quality and loss-free HIFI audio transmission over an optical line.

    According to the direction of audio transmission, RV6X4 can be divided into two categories: 2/4/8 unidirectional channel HIFI optical transceiver and 2/4 bi-directional channel HIFI optical transceiver. Refer to Table 1 for the list.

    RV6X4 adopts professional 3-PIN XLR interface, at the transmitting side, the input audio signals are converted to digital signals, and after digital multiplexing, converted to optical signals for transmission; at the receiving side, the photoelectric conversion is completed, and after demultiplexing, output analog signal .

    RV6X4 includes an optical transmitter and an receiver, which can be widely used in audio transmission, television live broadcast, live concerts, high-definition video conferencing, film studios and other fields.

    Table 1-1.Model list

    Model Name Audio Direction Dimensionlength×height×width) Power supply
    RV6X4-2A 2-ch unidirectional HIFI 2-ch unidirectional 152mm×44mm×133mm 12VDC
    RV6X4-4A 4-ch unidirectional HIFI 4-ch unidirectional 152mm×44mm×133mm 12VDC
    RV6X4-4A-1U 4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U 4-ch unidirectional 482mm×44mm×250mm 110VAC~220AC
    RV6X4-8A 8-ch unidirectional HIFI 8-ch unidirectional 482mm×44mm×250mm 110VAC~220AC
    RV6X4-2A-2BA 2-ch bidirectional HIFI 2-ch bidirectional 482mm×44mm×250mm 110VAC~220AC
    RV6X4-4A-4BA 4-ch bidirectional HIFI 4-ch bidirectional 482mm×44mm×250mm 110VAC~220AC


    1The size of chassis is the only slight difference between “4-ch unidirectional HIFI” and “4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U”.

    2“2-ch unidirectional HIFI“ and “4-ch unidirectional HIFI” , “4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U” and “8-ch unidirectional HIFI “, “2-ch bidirectional HIFI” and “4-ch bidirectional HIFI“ are similar in both panel and application diagram, respectively. so this document will not show the panel and application diagram of “2-ch unidirectional HIFI“ , “4-ch unidirectional HIFI-1U” and “2-ch bidirectional HIFI”.



    n Optical interface

    • The optical transmitter provides optical output and the receiver achieve optical receiving
    • Supports optical signal connected indication
    • Supports optical signal loss alarm
    • Supports bit error indication on optical line
    • With APC circuit to perform stable optical power

    n XLR interface for Audio

    • Adopts XLR connector, both input and output are balanced audio
    • Provides channel work status indication
    • End to end voltage gain is less than 2dB
    • 192K sampling frequency, 24 bit quantized accuracy
    • SNR is better than 92dB
    • THDTotal Harmonic Distortion<0.1%

    n provides dual power redundancy



    Figure 1 Application Diagram of 4-ch unidirectional HIFI



    Figure 2 Application Diagram of 4-ch bidirectional HIFI



    Figure 3 Application Diagram of 8-ch unidirectional HIFI


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