• HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      4U Rack Mounting Chassis
      RV600C HD-SDI 4U Rack Mounting Chassis

      HD-SDI Surge Protector
      RV705 HD-SDI Surge Protector

development history

  • 2000   Launch the RC7830 which supports a variety of multi-service multiplexing ASIC.and provides highly integrated solutions for compact multi-service  access system.
  • 2002 Launch the RC7020 which supports ASIC solution for Ethernet transmission over multiple E1.Launch the RC7820 which supports ITU-TG.813 compliant SDH timing ASIC with integrated STM-1 clock/data recoverv unit.Launch the RC7860 which supports SDH,ADM core processor with dual STM-1 line overhead processing,pointers locating and cross-connection.
  • 2003 Launch the RC7017 which supports 100M wire-speed Ethernet&8E1 mix multiplexing ASIC,constitutes a full range of solution Tor Optical Iransceiver.Launch the second group digital multiplexing ASIC with build-in forward error correction,data interleaving and differential codec unit,applying to micro-wave wireless and free space optical transmission system.
  • 2004 Uevelop RSM Series SDH optical transmission equioment which adopts our independent intellectual property rights of ASIC.Launch tnem muiti-runctional optical modem chip RC7235,it provides a complete solution for V.35 data interface conversion and flexible multplexing.
  • 2005 Launch multi-function bridge chip supports not onlv 10/100M Ethernet data to E1 the conversion,but also good compatibllity HDLC interface and enhanced management interface
  • 2006 Combining the advantages of ASIC ,launch new framework MSAP integrated service access platform which serves access network of enterprisecustomers Develop RC7880F and RC6100F,which become the cornerstore for single-ship SDH system and Ethernet&transport network integration
  • 2007 Develop ITU-T standardized PDH and EoPDH chip,based on RC6100F,launch EoSDH chip RC6400F which supports more VCG.
  • 2008 Release EoPDH series ASIC RC6105 and RC6116,making easy configuration and reducing cost of EoPDH products.
  • 2009 On the basis of RC7880F,launch single-chip SDH product RC7880 and RC7883.Thanks to the unique multi-mode design,it realizes single-chip SDH,SDH optical interface and SDH mapper function by configurations. With RC7880 and RC7883 applications,propose the concept of the new SDH Optical HUB,and offer demo.To cope with the access network standardization requirement from China Mobile,actively participated in and developed a network communication standard for China Mobile,and rapidly launch standard chip RC7222A1 which got favorable comment in the industry.
  • 2010 As the market demanding for convergence chip of EoPDH,we define the highly integrated ASIC chip RC6630 to support multiple protocols,multiple Ethernet channels,the chip also brings the new challenges for our design,validation and testing.With the explosive growth in data services,how effectively deliver carrier-class Ethernet services has become the industry's new hot spot,thus we release the RC7020 which supports Gigabit Ethernet rings and mixed E1 transmission.
  • 2011 Launch RP1000 which realizes 4/8/16 E1 and 4-ports 1000M Ethernet data hybrid multiplexing to 1.25Gb optical transmission
  • 2012 Launch new generation of open-access MSAP integrated service platform-RS3000,RS7000,it has a powerful timeslots cross-over and IP data processing capability with a comprehensive,intelligent management platform.It realizes traffic end-to-end monitoring and management,can be widely used in large customer dedicated access,Internet and video surveillance application.
  • 2013Launch HD-SDI video optical transceiver series products,including RV611,RV613,RV641,RV681,SDI to HDMI converter RV700.Cable extender RV520,MSTP transmission product RS1030N PCM.These products got favorable comment in surveillance field,which represented Raycom officially entered into surveillance field.
  • 2014 Launch PATROLMAN Video Processing System,Image Analysis System for traffic block port,122 Traffic Command System. Obtain the five software copyright for RS7000 monitoring software,RS3000 monitoring software,SDI  video optical systems software, RS1030 system software,RSM-155SC system software.
  • 2015 Launch intrusion detection system----Dual-zone Optical Fiber Fence RF900 and Multi-zone Optical Fiber Fence RF960. Flagship store of Raycom is activated in Xin Zhong Fa electronic city.
  • 2016 Raycom officially become a member of China intelligent transportation association. PATROLMAN Video Processing System won the excellent solution in the third"intelligent transportation cup"activity. Launch Industrial Isolated Channel Ethernet switch RP105SA,RP106D.
  • 2017 Launch a new Image Analysis System for traffic block port-----CITY HUNTER.
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